Anyone looking for an honest and fun service come down to go vapour Newbury such a great service all the guys are so friendly and helpful. Tim, John, Nick and Andy anyone of these guys will help you get what you need to get started and you will have a great time learning all new things about vaping and they have a great variety of juices for you to try. I've tried them all so many times and they still let me try them again. They will help you get the best from your vape and they will change your coils for you if you don't know how to do it they show you how to make your own liquids and coils. Tim is going be showing me how to make my own coils soon I wouldn't go to any other shop to learn these skills and they are always up for a laugh showing people tricks john is the best to show people how to do them Tim is very knowledgeable as well.

Jordan Willis

I went into Go Vapour in Andover and vaping is so new to me. Poor Josh had to serve me but he didn’t disappoint. He was extremely nice and listen to exactly what I wanted from vaping but kept me within a budget. I would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you for your time and commitment to my cause!

Katie Hollis

Been into the shop in Andover a few times now with my other half who is fairly new to vaping and wanting advice. Every time we have been in the shop the staff have always been very friendly and extremely helpful. They are also very knowledgeable about all things vape. The staff made us feel so at ease and didn't judge us for not knowing much. So much so that we've kept going back for liquids, coils and now a new mod and tank. I don't even vape but I've been in a fair few vape shops now and this one is by far the friendliest and most helpful! Thank you for teaching about vaping!

Laura Dunford

So helpful. I was clueless walking in but Andy who helped me was so patient talking me through everything, he answered my questions really simply but without making me feel stupid, he suggested other things I could use and even told me where to buy and where not to buy extra things online which I really appreciate, the store is aware that people tend to go online with these things and their primary concern seems to be safety and quality for their customers rather than expecting people to come back to them constantly, personally, however, I will be going back to them purely because of this honesty. I don't feel I was just told to buy a product to get them a sale. The staff in that store are an absolute credit to the company. Thanks, guys!

Lotti Day

Went into the shop today to quit smoking and was met with the most helpful staff I have ever met anywhere, they explained everything and didn't try and make me buy the more expensive kit, will be shopping with these guys and gals again and will recommend to anyone who wants to quit.

Mark Rossi Roberts

Popped into Andover today having been away for quite some time. I consider myself a seasoned ‘vaper’ and the staff still managed to provide invaluable advice and were happy to help me get over some issues. All this took time and the shop was never rushed at any stage. Left with plenty of juice a new mod - thanks, guys!!

Matthew Keogh

Really helpful fixed my vape for nothing as I dropped it and had no idea which bit on my machine was broke so would highly recommend and also re-wrapped my battery for free the guys knew their stuff and tried to pay for there time but they wouldn't except it ... true gents thanks a lot.

Max Vallance

Fantastic service!! Spent a good 30 minutes with me going through options for a new vape, didn't try and hard sell me at all, even talked me out of spending lots of money on a new mod and tank then suggested a smok infinix instead! These guys know their stuff!! They're not here to take your money, they're here to offer advice and sell you what you need!! Thanks, guys, well chuffed!!

Oliver Stewart

Really good range and fantastic service. My local vape shop is ok but would prefer to take the 60min+ drive here as they have a much better selection and also have high-end mods as well as 'beginner' batteries. Impressed to see a member of staff making their own mods and also demonstrating coil wrapping and wicking. Great idea having the loyalty cards - buy 10 bottles of juice and get your 11th one free! Bought a Kayfun from them and got it home, but a piece was missing. Emailed them about this and within 2 days had the missing part through in the post. Please open a store closer to me! (Westbury, Wilts)

Scott Glass